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hi, i'm jamie. i got a tumblr so i could stop spamming my livejournal with posts that aren't fanfiction, because i know that's all anyone cares about on lj.

my bias is lee taemin of shinee. i ship him with everyone and everything, but especially onew.
Anonymous:yeah, good point... LOL. wild mage would be pretty amusing. taemin as a bard sounds kind of fantastic though, i can totally see that. OR -- key as a mage, taemin as the rogue since he's so stealthy. he'd be more of the assasin/theif type and key would be the charmer, the one who talks them out of tricky circumstances but relies on magic in a fight, maybe.

hahah wild mage taemin: he would be all serious and focused, and then his spell would explode into a swarm of rabbits and everyone would be like goddammit taemin how do you fuck up magic missile?! and he’d be all embarrassed and contrite. how sweet. but i like taemin as a bard best, i think - he can still gets arcane spells, but also he could charm enemies with his sexydance abilities lol.

okay, so: cleric onew as party leader, paladin minho as a striker, rogue/mage key as a secondary striker, bard taemin as a disabler/buffer.

i feel like jonghyun’s massive muscles would make for a good defender role, perhaps as a barbarian or straight fighter class? hm…